Heart Shaped Chalkboard Tags

heart shaped tag


heart shaped tags

How to Create Heart Shaped Chalkboard Tags

  1. Choose the size of the tag that you would like to create. There are 4 sizes available.
  2. Click on the size that you want to use.
  3. Customize the text.
  4. Print.

heart shaped gift tag gift tags heart shaped chalkboard tag chalkboard tag with a heart shape

What can these chalkboard tags be used for?

  • Gift tags
  • Food tags for a Valentines Day Party
  • Name tags

Please note that the bigger tags have a hole in the middle of the heart whereas the mini tags have a hole on the top left. If you prefer not to have a hole or for the hole to appear in a different location then you can use the heart labels which don’t have a hole. You can then either leave them as is or add a hole somewhere else.

Since the smaller tags have quite a few tags per page if you only need one you can create additional copies to have when you need them in the future. If you are not sure who you will be using them for then just add a standard message such as “happy birthday” or add your name “With love from Jane”. Instead of wasting the additional copies you will have them available next time you need a gift tag in a rush!


Oval Chalkboard Tags

oval shaped chalkboard tags

There are 4 different sizes available. Choose the size and click on it to edit the text. Some labels have one line of text and others have two but you can add as many lines as you want on any of the labels.

gift tags with an oval shape and a chalkboard background

label maker

blackboard gift tags

label maker

chalkboard labels with an oval shape

label makerchalkboard tags with an oval shape and a width of 2 inches

label maker

Heart Shaped Chalkboard Labels

Free Printable Heart Labels

These heart labels can be used for many different purposes. They look great on gifts! All of our custom labels can be used either as tags or labels. We often have two versions of a label, with or without a hole. You can punch a hole in any label to create a tag. There are many chalkboard labels on this site.
custom labels and tags

All of the labels have a chalkboard background. If you prefer another color then look around the site for other options. We offer hundreds of free custom labels in all colors, shapes and sizes.

9 labels per sheet

label maker

gift labels with 12 on a page

label maker

A printable sheet with 6 labels

label maker

Two big heart shaped labels

label maker

Do you need to print the labels on sticker paper?

Printing on sticker paper makes it easier to adhere the labels it is more expensive than making your own labels. You can use regular printer paper and adhere the labels with paper glue. If you need the labels to stick for a long period of time then it is better to use sticker paper than to glue regular computer paper.

How do you cut out the heart labels?

You can either just cut them out with a scissors or use a heart shaped craft punch. If you only want to make a few labels then there is no reason to invest in a craft punch and you can really cut them out yourself. It only takes a few minutes to cut out an entire page of labels.

Oval Chalkboard Labels

oval labels with chalkboard background

Free Custom Oval Labels

Choose the size of the oval labels that you want to create. Click on customize to add your own text.

blackboard labels

label maker

black labels with an oval shape

label maker

printable page with 6 black oval labels

label maker

oval shaped labels

label maker

What can these labels be used for?

  • Canning labels
  • Mason jar labels
  • Pantry labels
  • Food labels

Can I use Avery Oval Labels?

You can use our online label maker to customize an indivual oval label and then print it on Avery label paper. The oval template above would have to be adapted before it can be used.

You can use sticker paper that has an entire page or sticker paper and not individual stickers. You can then cut out each sticker or label. This is an easy shape to cut and it shouldn’t take too long. You can also use regular printer paper and adhere with paper glue.

If you want the labels to be waterproof then use waterproof sticker paper and a laser printer. The ink on ink jet printers tends to run when wet. You can also laminate the labels before you use for a cheap long term solution.

Can I add another line of text?

Some of the labels have one line of text and others have two lines. You can make changes if you want. To delete a line of text just click on the little X on the bottom right hand corner. To add an additional line of text just click on “add text”. If the label template has two lines of text and you only use one you will need to delete the dummy text else it will appear on your label.

Do you have other shapes?

There are many chalkboard labels on this site in many sizes and shapes.


Rectangle Chalkboard Labels

Free Printable Custom Chalkboard Labels

A selection of free printable chalkboard labels that can be used for any purpose. The text can be edited online. Instant download!

Free printable chalkboard labels that have a rectangular shape and can be created in 4 different sizes (the size on each label refers to the width of the rectangle). The size is written in inches and cm.

2 inch 2 and a half inch 3 inch 4 inch

You can type your own text using our label maker.

4 inch wide with 3 labels per sheet

big personalized labels with a rectangular shape

label maker



3 inch wide with 8 labels per sheet

chalkboard labels that can be customized with your own text

label maker

2 inch wide with 15 labels per sheet

sheet of custom labels

label maker

2.5 inch wide with 12 labels per sheet

sheet of labels

label maker

These chalkboard labels can be used for multiple purposes:

  • Notebook labels
  • Pantry labels
  • Food labels
  • Canning labels
  • For files or folders
  • To mark school supplies

You can either cut them out with straight lines or round the edges to create a bit of interest.

If you want to print some empty labels to use when required then you can use a white marker to write on them. You don’t need a chalkboard marker. Any white marker will work.

How do you cut out these labels?

The cheapest way to cut them out is to use a scissors.

If you have a paper cutter or a paper guillotine you will be able to cut out many labels in a fraction of the time and get perfect results each time. There is no reason to buy one just for these labels if you don’t already have one but they are useful gadgets to have!

Black and White Labels

These black and white labels look really good on long tall black and white gift boxes but you can use other colors as well. Gold and silver will work well too. All of the text can be customized so you can use them for any pupose. They transform gift boxes from plain to unique and make great custom wedding favor boxes. There are two versions available: black on white and white on black.

black and white labels white chalkboard label on a black gift box black chalkboard label on a white gift box

If you are looking for additional black and white options then check out our other chalkboard labels.

Bracket Chalkboard Labels

Free printable bracket shaped chalkboard labels can be customized with your own text. Available in 4 different sizes.

Bracket shaped chalkboard labels for mason jars

These bracket shaped chalkboard labels are available in 4 different sizes. Measure the width of the area on which you want to adhere the label in order to know which size will be the most suitable.

Choose the Size of Your Chalkboard Labels

There are 4 sizes available so choose the size that you want to usebefore you start to customize.

big chalkboard labels that can be customized with your own textThese lables are relatively large with only two labels per page. The width is about 4 inches or 10 cm wide.



free printable chalk board labels with 12 labels per sheetcustomize

mason jar chalkboard labelscustomize

chalkboard labels with bracket shape for mason jarscustomize

How to Create these Bracket Shaped Labels

These bracket shaped labels are slightly more difficult to cut out than standard shaped labels but they only take an extra minute or work. Use a big paper scissors rather than a smaller size as they will be easier to cut out. You can also purchase a bracket shaped craft punch if you are planning to create these often.